Professional Distinction in Sales – Overview


Professional Distinction in Sales Overview

The Professional Distinction in Sales program is designed to encourage students to participate in non-course, extra-curricular activities that will benefit them as they progress through their time in college and advance them toward developing and achieving their career goals.  Students will earn points each semester to gain the right to include this distinction on their resume, as well as the opportunity to earn additional accolades.  To achieve this distinction, students must earn 400 participation points (out of 500+) each semester.  Students that earn the distinction at least four semesters will be awarded a medal to wear at the commencement ceremony.

All Texas A&M students are eligible to earn the Professional Distinction in SALES.


The Sales Cup is the competitive part of the distinction program.  In addition to earning the professional distinction, students will be competing for cash awards for earning the most points within each division.  The Sales Cup competition will be divided into four divisions based on classification.  (All U1 students will compete against other U1 students.  All U2 students will participate against U2 students, etc.)  Winners will be based on points earned during the Fall and Spring semesters of the current academic year. Prizes for the Sales Cup will be awarded at the END of the academic school year.  Prizes for each division will look like this:

U1 U2 U3 U4
1st place $1,000 1st place $1,000 1st place $1,000 1st place $1,000
2nd place $500 2nd place $500 2nd place $500 2nd place $500
3rd place $250 3rd place $250 3rd place $250 3rd place $250

In addition, there will be an Overall Sales Cup Champion.  That Champion will earn an additional $1,000 (for a total of $2,000,) plus their own Personal Sales Cup Trophy, as well as have their name placed on the Sales Cup.

The total prize purse will be $8,000.

If there is a points tie within the division (i.e., classification), there will be an independently judged competition for the tiebreaker.  If there is a tie within the 1st place winners, there will be an independently judged competition for the tiebreaker.  The student with the highest number of overall points is the Sales Cup Champion.

Distinction points are tabulated in eCampus.  You are encouraged to keep track of your points throughout the semester to ensure we have an accurate accounting of all points.  Award winners will be presented their prizes at the mandatory Awards Celebration in April.