Exponential Investment

Murray Barrick, Ph.D., an internationally recognized management scholar, joined Mays faculty in 2006 after he was awarded the Paul M. and Rosalie Robertson Chair in Business. Reflecting on over fifteen years at Mays, Barrick noted, “In the absence of these chairs, it would be pretty difficult to be competitive in recruiting world-class faculty to the university.”

Mays Business School’s investment in Barrick has paid off exponentially. In 2010, Barrick was named a University Distinguished Professor, recognizing his seminal contribution to, and global authority in, the field of management and his record of teaching and mentoring students. This university award emphasizes the significance of Barrick’s scholarship, particularly with respect to national and international on-going studies of relationships between personality and work performance. Barrick actively mentors students at all levels of education— undergraduate, masters, and doctoral as part of his academic endeavors.

The current holder of the James R. Whatley Chair also plays an important leadership role in organizational excellence at Mays. At the end of Barrick’s term as department head in 2011, the Department of Management was rated as Texas A&M’s top-ranked department in terms of academic performance. The scholar then assumed the role of executive director of the Center for Human Resource Management (CHRM) from 2011-16. In that role, he helped the center expand, setting the stage for CHRM to become one of the top programs of its kind in the nation.

Throughout his storied career, Barrick has found that donors–whether corporate or individual–are looking for the best fit between what they want to achieve with their gift and what the university can provide. Creating an endowed chair offers a unique investment in Mays’ commitment to advancing the world’s prosperity. Grateful for this support, Barrick stated, “These chairs provide the funds to enable Mays faculty to do research that will influence and change the ways managers lead for decades to come.”



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