Working with youth at Pine Cove Summer Camp left an unforgettable impression on Matthew Webb ’21. Now the Mays Management student hopes to work for a non-profit that addresses youth issues after he graduates.

To inform those professional goals, the Flower Mound native is pursuing the Non-Profit and Social Innovation Certificate and recently took the Strategic Philanthropy course. “We learned to think critically about how non-profits are addressing an issue and whether they’re just treating the symptoms or focusing on the root cause,” he said, adding that these factors helped inform the class’s decisions on which grant applications to fund.

The class also opened Webb’s eyes to his own philanthropic responsibility. “You’re going to get a paycheck when you graduate. You’re going to be excited to spend it or save it, but how much of it are you going to give away?” he said. “The Strategic Philanthropy class gave me a framework to determine how and when to give back to my community.”

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