We recently finalized our class/board mission statement, and I couldn’t be more impressed with our class. Our mission statement is to empower Brazos Valley nonprofits to advance positive and sustainable development through strategic giving.

The discussion that was had while we figured out exactly what we wanted to say was the epitome of productive collaboration. There is an unspoken sense of trust and respect woven into all of the conversations in class, and this day was no different. Ideas were suggested without hesitation because no one is afraid of having their ideas shot down by someone else. We built off each other, shared personal connotative meanings of words and rearranged phrases. All of this was done together as a group of 20 knowledgeable students.

I think it took longer than we all thought to be happy with the one sentence that would symbolize our class. I’m confident that everyone would agree, though, that it was definitely worth it. We now have a mission statement that our class couldn’t be more proud of. This experience showed me once more how this class is so much more than a class.  The 20 of us are working through real-world situations so we can affect and hopefully change the world around us.