Business Education Complex

To accelerate Strategic Initiative #5: Infrastructure, we have launched the initial refresh phase of Wehner to be completed by Fall 2019. Our Reimagine Wehner Task Force recently conducted benchmarking tours at a number of business schools in Texas and throughout the SEC. They returned with excellent ideas on the types of spaces and experiences that should be incorporated in the proposed new Business Education Complex, to be constructed in the courtyard to the south of Wehner by 2025. They also asked the question, “What can we do now to introduce some of these ideas into the existing facilities?”  We are responding by launching an initiative called “Refresh Wehner” which will include new furnishings, active learning studios and places for collaborating, huddling and teaming. We are including a more welcoming environment in our lobby, innovative wayfinding and a Transformational Learning Center.  We’ll also be enhancing the outdoor spaces with new furnishings for relaxation and collaboration.