BUSN 481 Applied Business Competencies

Applied Business Competencies Seminars

Mays students team up with a faculty member to design and teach one-credit-hour seminars on topics related to the Mays Core Competencies.   BUSN 481s are small, highly participatory courses that offer students a unique pathway to apply the business competencies that they have learned throughout their time in the Mays Business School.  Given the opportunity to challenge both themselves and their peers intellectually, the students that teach 481 courses are truly empowering others in high-impact ways that solidify their undergraduate experience.

New subjects are added every semester. Consult the online schedule of classes and look for BUSN 481 courses. Recent offerings include

Advanced Excel The Business of College Sports
Careers in Not-for-profits Leading Through Stories
Strategic Thinking Career Planning
Working on Purpose Live Your Legacy
The Business of the Energy Industry Business Solutions to Social Problems


"Teaching a 481 seminar has been a concrete, experimental 10-week lab where I am constantly learning so it is probably the most significant developmental point for me in my career at Mays.”

Chris Haberberger '16