Current Students

Apply for scholarships from Texas A&M and Mays Business School each year through the University Scholarship Application.

The application is open from October 15 – February 1 each year for the following academic year.

By completing the University Scholarship Application each year, you will be considered for university-level and college-level scholarship opportunities. Visit your academic department for more information on department-level scholarships. Some departments use the University Scholarship Application.


To be eligible for consideration for Mays Business School college-level scholarships, you must:

  • Complete the University Scholarship Application by February 1;
  • Be enrolled as a full time (12+ hours) undergraduate student (U2, U3, or U4) in good standing at Mays Business School;
  • Have a competitive cumulative GPA (most scholarships require a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA); and,
  • Still be classified as an undergraduate student (U2, U3, or U4) when you receive the scholarship.

If you are classified as a graduate student, master (G7) or doctoral (G8), you are not eligible for this scholarship pool. This includes students classified as master (G7) moving into their 5th or final year of the Professional Program in Accounting. Graduate students are eligible to apply for graduate-level scholarships in most cases. Contact your specific program to ask about scholarship opportunities.

About Your Scholarship

Scholarship payments are generally split equally between the fall and spring semesters. All scholarships require full time enrollment (12+ hours).

  • If you are enrolled less than full time (less than 12 hours) in your graduating semester, you may still receive your scholarship payment for that semester.
  • If you are enrolled and on a full-time equivalent internship during the fall or spring semester, you may still receive your scholarship payment for that semester.
  • If you are graduating in the fall semester, you are not eligible to receive the spring payment of your scholarship.

Other Opportunities

University-level scholarships are awarded by Scholarships & Financial Aid, including academic and need-based scholarships.

This office also manages financial aid programs available to anyone, including grants, loans, and work-study opportunities. To apply for any financial aid program, you must complete a financial aid application. Apply as early as possible for maximum consideration for financial aid opportunities.

Many local, regional, and national organizations offer scholarships to students to use at whichever college they attend. External or outside scholarships are a huge source of support for students at Texas A&M. Visit Scholarships & Financial Aid’s website for more information about outside scholarships. You can also search by region. There are also links to larger and broader scholarship search engines.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Scholarships for study abroad and other international experiences are available through Education Abroad and Scholarships & Financial Aid. Additionally, scholarships are available for students participating in Mays Business School international programs through the Center for International Business Studies (CIBS).

Financial Health & Wellness

The Money Education Center, a part of Scholarships & Financial Aid, is available to help you with a variety of topics surrounding financial health and wellness, including: money management, credit cards, banking, student loan repayment, investing, buying a car, and more.

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