Upper Classmen

All Current Students

Check these links for scholarships available to all current students:

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

Mays Business School offers more than 100 scholarships for qualified sophomore, junior and senior business students. The application for current students is available in October each year with a deadline in early February. Award decisions are made in March and students who have been awarded are notified in April. No additional Mays scholarships are available outside of this time frame.

In addition to college scholarships, specific departments within Mays also have scholarships available. Contact your academic advisor for more information.


  • Full-time (12 or more hours) undergraduate business student who is currently enrolled in Mays and will continue next year as an undergraduate.
  • GPA of 3.5 or greater – most of the scholarships we award require a minimum 3.5 GPR.
  • Classified as a U2, U3, or U4 at the time of application.

Ineligible Students:

  • Fifth year Professional Program students enrolled as graduate students. These students are eligible to apply for graduate scholarships.


The Texas A&M Scholarships & Financial Aid office’s University Scholarship application is used for all available Mays scholarships. By submitting this application, you are considered for all Mays scholarships for which you are eligible. These scholarships are available to students classified as U2, U3, or U4 at the time of application. Apply online

Application Deadline

Your completed application must be submitted online no later than 5 p.m. on February 1. The application form will be unavailable after the deadline.

Scholarship Payments

Scholarship payments are divided equally between the fall and spring semesters. If you are graduating early, you will be awarded only the fall semester payment, not the full scholarship. All scholarships require that you be enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours. Exceptions to this are made for graduating seniors and students completing internships.

  1. If completing an internship, the scholarship will be applied to the semester in which the student is completing the internship if the student is enrolled in nine or more Texas A&M University semester credit hours that semester. This requirement can be met by completing a minimester(s), Texas A&M University on-line courses, or independent study.
  2. If the student is completing a fall or spring internship and is not enrolled in nine or more semester credit hours during the that semester, the scholarship may be applied to the summer session of that academic year if the student is full time during the summer. A full time student is defined as one enrolled in 12 or more hours for the summer.
  3. One-half of the scholarship will be forfeited if the student does not meet items #1 or #2 above. All scholarships must be paid in the academic year for which they were awarded.

If you have any questions, contact the Mays Scholarships office at scholarships@mays.tamu.edu or 979-845-7512.