For the first time ever, the Mays MBA Program was named one of the top 100 MBA programs by the London Financial Times. The list, which includes schools from throughout the world, designated the program 67th overall and 16th among the 51 U.S. public institutions named to the list.

“We feel especially gratified that, in the first international ranking in which we were included, our fairly young program has held its own with the best of the best,” said Dan Robertson, director of the Mays MBA Program. “This is a unique ranking because unlike the BusinessWeek, U.S. News & World Report, Gourman and Princeton reviews, the Financial Times ranking is international. It looks at programs, many of them long-lived, thought to be outstanding, not just in the United States, but throughout the entire world.”

To determine the rankings, the Financial Times conducts two surveys, including one of institutions offering graduate business degrees and the other of students who graduated from the programs three years ago. The surveys are designed to gauge career progression as accrued by earning an MBA, including salary, salary increments, and international mobility. The surveys also focus on institutional diversity and the quality of the schools’ research, looking at the number of journal publications by faculty members and doctoral graduates.

Because of the rankings are international, Robertson noted the Mays program will likely attract more interest from potential students around the globe. “As a result of our good showing in the Financial Times rankings, the Mays MBA Program will get more attention both from U.S. and international students,” he said. “We’re extremely gratified to be so well thought of among stiff worldwide competition.”

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