About Mays

Mays Business School, at Texas A&M University, is a renowned institution dedicated to shaping the future of business. With its commitment to excellence in education, innovation, and ethics, Mays fosters a vibrant learning environment. Its top-ranked programs, world-class faculty, and strong industry connections empower students to excel in a dynamic global business landscape. Mays Business School is where business meets leadership, preparing students to make a meaningful impact on the world of business.

Wehner building.
Lowry Mays and Peggy Mays

History of Mays Business School

Mays Business School is dedicated to the Aggie Core Values: excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect, and selfless service.

Lowry Mays ’57, the former CEO of Clear Channel Communications, endowed our school with a $15 million gift in 1996, leading to the University’s first named school. In 2017, the Mays Family Foundation generously gifted an additional $25 million, marking the largest single commitment in the business school’s history. These contributions were part of an overall lifetime giving of $47 million.

Mays Business School actively maintains its status as a top-ranked business school, empowering students to nurture their talents while granting them access to an unparalleled, global network of Aggie Former Students. Our reputation is built on our commitment to research excellence and our dedication to preparing students for successful careers.


Mays Business School exemplifies visionary leadership in business education. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, its leaders foster an environment of academic rigor and real-world relevance. Through collaborative initiatives, we empower students with cutting-edge knowledge and the Aggie Core Values, preparing them to navigate a global business world.

Dean Sharp with students.
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Mays News

Read the stories of people, research, and our programs are shaping the future of business and impacting our community.

Business Education Complex

The expansion to the Mays Business Education Complex (BEC) envisions creating an environment that fosters connectivity, creativity, and collaboration. This expansion will reflect how business will operate in the future. Located on Olson Boulevard, the new 82,500 gross square foot building will serve as a gateway to the Business Education Complex and will feature spaces that promote academic innovation through active learning, enhancing engagement for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.