Mays Ph.D. Programs

Our Ph.D. in Business Administration offers students a rigorous course of work and the chance to conduct cutting-edge research under the guidance of Mays’ faculty, including some of the world’s leading scholars in their respective fields. The program prepares students for successful careers as academics, industry researchers and/or business consultants.

A Ph.d. candidate at Mays Business School
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Students learn research methods so they are qualified to conduct research that is relevant to private or public organizations, to direct research by others and to communicate research findings through teaching and writing. Mays Business School is defined by research excellence. Our renowned scholars represent thought leaders in a broad array of business disciplines. Our research explores all sides of the theoretical and empirical impacts of business. Learn from some of the best scholars in the world, and be inspired to start your journey of impactful scholarly pursuit at Mays.

Ph.D. in Business Administration Research Focuses

Ph.D. Accounting student.


The Ph.D. in Business Administration – Accounting program is designed to produce scholars capable of publishing in the top journals from the moment they graduate, if not before.

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