Welcome to Mays Business School at Texas A&M University!

As Dean of Mays Business School, I love to meet with current and former students, faculty, staff, employers, and Dean’s Advisory Board members. The common thread in these meetings is a shared passion for the success of Mays Business School. Each conversation leaves me feeling more optimistic about our bright future at Mays.

While a variety of economic and competitive forces are shaping new challenges and opportunities for business schools nationwide, all of us at Mays are committed to the audacious vision of becoming the #1 public business school in America. What gives us the confidence that we can achieve such a lofty goal?

The answer is centered in what makes Mays Business School unique from every other business school: the Aggie Spirit and the Aggie Core Values.

Employers who hire our students know that our students are unmatched in their work ethic, their eagerness to learn, and their deep sense of purpose and personal values. Our former students are unrivaled in their commitment to the success of our school and the success of future generations of students at Mays Business School. The faculty here at Mays are best characterized by their passion for excellence in research, teaching, and service. And our staff provide exceptional support to students, faculty, and administrators. Within each of these individuals, the Aggie Spirit motivates a drive for excellence and a commitment to the greater good.

Consider the impact of the Aggie Core Values at Mays Business School. What other business school teaches its students that integrity, respect, and selfless service are keys to achieving success in business? Where else can business students learn that a lifelong commitment to the values of loyalty, leadership, and excellence is the path to greatness? Our Core Values will always differentiate Mays Business School from the competition.

In 2007, I stepped onto Texas A&M University campus for the first time as part of my search for a faculty position. I sensed immediately that Texas A&M was different than other universities and that the students here were unique. I could feel something special that I later came to understand as the Aggie Spirit. As we work together to achieve preeminence, we will build on the traditions and values given to us by generations of former students at Mays Business School. We are paving the way for future generations of students who expect us to elevate Mays to the pinnacle of excellence. With the Aggie Spirit in our hearts and the Aggie Core Values as our guide, we will develop leaders of character, rise to preeminence, and advance the world’s prosperity together.

Thanks and Gig ‘em!

Dr. Nate Sharp, Ph.D.
Dean of Mays Business School
Professor and Adam C. Sinn ’00 Dean’s Leadership Chair
Presidential Impact Fellow

Headshot of Dean Sharp.