For the second straight year, the Mays MBA Program was named to the Financial Times‘ 2002 ranking of the top 100 MBA programs worldwide. This is quite an accomplishment, considering the competition. The ranking only includes 56 MBA programs from the United States.

“There are approximately 2,000 MBA programs worldwide so to be included in this ranking is a definite positive for our program,” says Mays MBA Program Director Dan Robertson.

The Mays program was ranked 82nd in the overall list. Robertson admits he wants to see that improve, but is still pleased because once again the program ranks first in value. “We are aware that this year’s ranking represents a change from our ranking of 67th last year,” he says. “However, several additional points come out of this year’s ranking. For example, among U.S. state-supported programs, we rank number 24 and for this group, the Mays MBA Program ranks number one in terms of “value for the money.”

The Financial Times surveyed the class of 1998, specifically looking at their salaries three years after graduation. The ranking also places heavy emphasis on the difference between pre-MBA salaries and current compensation.