Connecting academia with the corporate world is a primary goal for the college’s Center for Human Resource Management. To shed light on the latest in human resource management research, the center sponsored Breakfast Briefing events in Dallas and Houston this summer.

According to Director Bethany Champ, these briefings gave faculty members in the Department of Management the chance to present their latest research on different aspects of salary negotiations. Management faculty taking part in the series were:

Dr. Christopher Porter discussed the effects of salary negotiations on recruitment — specifically that fairness in the negotiation process is important to organizational entry.

Dr. Michael Wesson, who researches organizational behavior, presented his findings on the impact of the salary negotiation process on new employees.

Dr. Wendy Boswell addressed how the negotiation process affects organizational alignment. Specifically, she discussed employees who were using job searches in order to gain leverage with their current employers to renegotiate salary.

“We want to share faculty research with companies,” Champ says. “We also try to work with companies to find out what they would like to know more about.”