Dropping everything to return to school isn’t always easy financially. That’s why quick payback has become even more important, helping MBA students make up for lost salary and the expense of school.

The Mays MBA Program was once again recognized for its fast payback. Business Week magazine recently ranked Mays among the top 10 in MBA education ROI.

“The Business Week results indicate that an education from Mays is clearly a great value for students,” says Dean Jerry Strawser. “But this value goes beyond the actual cost of the program. The real value for Mays students comes in the in-depth business knowledge they gain through the program as well as the outstanding compensation they receive upon graduation.”

A survey of Mays MBA graduates indicated that they could expect 66.2 percent salary increases and take 4.9 years to completely amortize costs, considerably less than the average payback period of 5.6 years. Median salary of Mays MBAs at graduation was $71,200.