The Mays MBA Program came in 31st overall and 13th among public schools in the Wall Street Journal’s2004 regional rankings. Last year, Mays placed 47th overall and 16th among public schools.

Unlike in previous years, however, the Wall Street Journal changed its ranking system to reflect differences in MBA recruiting. The publication divided the 71 programs into three categories — placing schools into national, regional and international groups. The Journal characterized the 44 schools in the regional category, in which Mays placed, as smaller programs that attract recruiters from their local regions, focusing on candidates for financial, marketing, sales and operations positions.

While the categories were revamped, the Journal’s methodology retained many of the elements utilized in previous rankings. This year’s survey polled 2,849 MBA recruiters, assessing their perceptions of the schools and students on 20 key attributes, ranging from teamwork skills and leadership potential to interpersonal qualities and the school’s “mass appeal.”

“Since this particular ranking focuses on recruiter perceptions of students, the results indicate Mays MBAs are highly valued by recruiters,” says Director Carroll Scherer. “The Mays MBA Program strives to continually improve the preparedness of its students to compete in business, as well as to network and interview effectively. We feel that these efforts will continue to pay off for Mays MBAs, as recruiters seek the most qualified MBAs available in the marketplace.”

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