Over the past few years, MBA programs nationwide have witnessed a dip in applicants. This issue is two-fold, says Mays MBA Program Director Carroll Scherer. Uncertain economic times have left potential students reluctant to leave their jobs. And many schools have tapped prospective full-time students from Generation X, who are now older, while the next group, the Millennials, isn’t quite ready.

To help generate interest in the Mays MBA Program and Executive MBA Program, a new referral program has been initiated. The goal is to attract potential students, while connecting former students to the program, explains Scherer. “From the beginning, I wanted to find ways to get alumni more involved in the program,” she says.

Essentially, any Texas A&M former student (not just business graduates) can refer an applicant to the MBA or EMBA program. The applicant must apply before May 31, be accepted and start classes in August.

Alumni whose referred students are admitted and matriculate to the MBA or EMBA programs will be eligible to win an enhanced definition plasma TV (EDTV) and receiver. A drawing will be held Sept. 1 for the EDTV, which was generously donated by Brian Dennison’s ’83 company, byd:sign.

For more information, visit the Mays MBA Program or Executive MBA Program.