Two years of cooperation have paid off for a team of Mays professors in the form of a new textbook hitting Mays classes in fall 2005. The “Introduction to Business” text was written by six faculty members and tailors the presentation of business basics to the needs of first-year students.

The textbook features the basics of accounting, management, finance, marketing and information and operations management with underlying themes including international globalization, ethics and technology. The text is among the first products formed from such a large cumulative effort at Mays and, consequently, features leading authors in each discipline.

“It really is a joint effort of specific faculty members from all five departments of Mays,” says Julian Gaspar, director of the Center for International Business Education and Research. “The Mays environment is very conducive to such professional collaboration.”

Gaspar led the project and worked weekly with Professor of Management Leonard Bierman, Professor of Finance James Kolari, Foley’s Professor in Retailing and Marketing Richard Hise, Professor of Accounting L. Murphy Smith, Associate Professor of Information and Operations Management Antonio Arreola-Risa and Clinical Associate Professor of Management Ben Welch, who edited the textbook. Together, the group created a textbook that would challenge students and instill the view that business is technology driven, global in nature and needs to be conducted ethically to be successful in the long run.

“Our hope, given the strengths of the book, is that it will be a market leader,” Gaspar says. “We have done our part, now we will wait to see the outcome.”

The textbook has already gained national recognition, with numerous universities in the process of adopting the book as a required text for their fall undergraduate business classes.