Eight teams of future information technology professionals, all students at Mays, are winners in the annual Center for the Management of Information Systems (CMIS) Case Competition.

Students had a week to prepare a proposal for a brand-name international manufacturer and marketer. Their task? To demonstrate the ability and know-how needed to provide installation, configuration and support services for the global identity and access management system for the vendor. Information technology industry experts who form the board of advisors for CMIS judged teams on their originality, creativity and the feasibility of their ideas.

Members of winning teams received scholarships and ExxonMobil gas cards. First-place took away $300 each in scholarships and $100 in free gas; second scored $200 scholarships and $75 scholarships; and third and fourth place winners earned $100 and $50 scholarships and $50 and $25 gas cards, respectively.

Winners are:


  • 1st-place team of: Richard Ewers, Erik Hausmann and Heather Simpson
  • 2nd place: Emily Davis, John Quanrantello and Josh Rizzo
  • 3rd place: Amy Allen, Eric Bookbinder and Elizabeth Gillespie
  • 4th place: Brennan Bice, Chris Haycraft and Chris Trotter


  • 1st place: Subrata Chakrabarty, Jill Rosenberry and Jane Wang
  • 2nd place: Brijesh Patil, Nimish Sheth and Preetam Shetty
  • 3rd place: Srivatsan Parthasarathy, Bhavani Radhakrishnan and Madan Sundaresan
  • 4th place: Sundar Krishnamoorthy, Seepika Gupt and Raja Srinivasan

The 2005 competition, held Oct. 27, was sponsored by Anadarko, ExxonMobil, EDS, Dell and SAS, all corporate members of the CMIS Advisory Board. It’s the 11th annual event.