From May 22-25 in College Station, join world-class experts from academia, government and business in a seminar on how to prepare businesses and organizations to sustain a terrorist attack while minimizing operational disruption.

The seminar, “Planning for the Worst: Business Continuity Strategies in the Face of Terrorism,” is hosted by Texas A&M’s Integrative Center for Homeland Security.

Experts will look at how terrorism threatens business continuity, how executives can protect their businesses from cyber-terrorism, the legal and financial impacts of terrorism on business, and how leadership can restructure their business to ensure continuity. Key leaders and mid-level managers from government organizations, public and private corporations, and non-profit organizations are invited to register for this event and join the small but growing number of managers and executives who are knowledgeable in the new field of BCP & HLS (Business Continuity Planning & Homeland Security).

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