For many soon-to-be graduates, finding a job is more like an assignment than an opportunity. But the Business Student Council’s Fall Career Fair provided job seekers with smooth sailing on a 202-company sea of opportunity.

Held twice annually, BSC’s career fair is one of the largest student-run career fairs in the nation. Combined, the fall and spring fairs bring in about $223,000 for BSC, money that helps cover fair-hosting costs, professional development trips for members, membership dues, scholarships and community service projects.

“In years past, the number of companies that were able to attend the fair was capped at 61,” said Richele Rainosek, BSC’s Career Fair vice president. “Our vision this year was to expand slightly while still maintaining and improving the level of service we offered our recruiters.”

And they did. BSC was able to create openings for eight more companies each day, bringing in 69 companies on two days and 64 on the last.

“The career fair is an opportunity to communicate with companies, rather than just looking at their Web sites,” said senior marketing major Rachel Browning.

The 200 companies from all industries recruiting at Mays this September ranged from consulting to energy and transportation to food. But regardless of the field that the recruiters represent, or which position they were here to fill, they unite on the search for one thing—Texas A&M quality.

“We’re here because we’re looking for good people,” said Knight Transportation Division Manager Adam Phillips. As the current employer of a few former students, Phillips says he knows the types of employees produced at Mays. And though it was Knight Transportation’s first appearance at Mays, according to Phillips, they’ll be back for more. “It’s a good resource that’s fairly untapped, and we hope to become established here.”