Anders Enevoldsen is tackling excellence in the classroom and on the football field—European football, that is. Attending Mays Business School this fall as an exchange student from the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, Enevoldsen also specialized in helping the Texas A&M’s men’s club soccer team dominate regionals and earn a bid to the NIRSA Championship Tournament at Arizona State University.

When Enevoldsen arrived in College Station this August, he didn’t know the place or the people who lived here. But like most from Europe, he did know the game of soccer. So when he saw a flier to try out for the men’s club soccer team, he took a shot, scoring a spot as an inner mid fielder and a team of friends.

“I made a lot of new friends who introduced me to new friends…so by playing soccer with them, I got a way in the social circle,” he explains.

The team made it to the quarterfinals at the NRISA Championships in Tempe, Arizona, losing to Ohio.

Aside from his stardom on the field, Evenoldsen will graduate from Copenhagen Business School in May 2007 after only three years—a standard in Denmark. The timing isn’t the only difference between the two countries’ approaches, he said: The teaching style is also fairly different. “There is a more practical approach in the business school here,” he says. “There’s not as many real-life cases in Denmark, it’s more logic.”

The idea of the “Aggie family” lured Evenoldsen to Texas A&M. School and life activities are very separated in Denmark, he said: each day, you go to class and then you go home to study.

“I chose Texas A&M because I wanted the college experience, with spirit,” he said.

Apparently he found what he was looking for. While business will be his career, and the soccer field is a second home, he’s grown accustomed to a new field since his arrival in the states. When asked what he’ll most remember about his experience at Texas A&M, he answered as many Aggies do—”the football games!”