Brandon C. Coleman, Jr. ’78 Chair in Marketing Venkatesh Shankar has the second most cited article in two years of the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, from 2003 to 2005.

“On the Efficiency of Internet Markets for Consumer Goods,” co-authored with Brian T. Ratchford and Xing Pan in spring 2003, was the lead article for its issue. It’s rating as second most-cited for its time period means fellow researchers were not only interested in the paper’s findings, but included its findings as a starting point

This isn’t the first time Shankar has made news this year: in October, he was named among the top 20 area editors of Marketing Science during the last two and four years. And this spring, a winter 2006 Sloan Management Review article he co-authored with several top Mays marketing faculty was among the top 10 most popular articles to appear in the highly-regarded journal.