Our faculty are cited experts in more than 50 news shows, magazines and newspapers each year. Some references stand out each semester, including these tidbits that show our experts in a national spotlight.

Distinguished Professor of Marketing Rajan Varadarajan penned an expert’s article on innovation for a joint effort shepherded byThe Wall Street Journal and MIT’s Sloan Management Review. In his column, Varadarajan shares ideas on incremental innovation that can “help companies create interim fixes for industrywide problems when long-term solutions are still on the drawing board.”

Find the column, which appeared in The Wall Street Journal on March 3, at http://tinyurl.com/3baxlb.

Distinguished Professor Leonard L. Berry joined Varadarajan’s national-media status in March. He warns JetBlue operators in the March 5 edition of BusinessWeek to carefully craft and stand by their new service guarantee after Valentine’s weekend snafus left passengers stranded in airplanes on runways for more than three hours. “A well-executed service guarantee is very clear on what is guaranteed and what is not,” Berry explains. JetBlue CEO David Neeleman launched service guarantees—such as $100 refunds for passengers whose arriving flights don’t reach their gates for one to two hours—as part of an effort to rebuild consumer trust in the airline.