A recent PhD graduate and three professors from Mays Business School at Texas A&M University have been recognized for a paper they presented at the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC) in Madrid, Spain, June 7-9, 2007. The paper has recently been given the Irene M. McCarthy Award for the Best Paper on the Topic of High Technology. It has also been accepted for publication in the prestigious 2007 Annual Frontiers of Entrepreneurship (FER).


Their paper “Resources, Industry Membership, And Firm Performance: The Role Of Capability Configurations In Value Creation For IPO Stage New Ventures”, was from the dissertation of Tim Holcomb, a 2007 graduate who is now an assistant professor in the management department at Florida State University.

Holcomb co-authored the paper with three members of his dissertation committee: co-chair Michael A. Hitt, Texas A&M University Distinguished Professor, Joe B. Foster Chair in Business Leadership, and C.W. and Dorothy Conn Chair in New Ventures; co-chair R. Duane Ireland, professor and Foreman R. and Ruby S. Bennett Chair in Business Administration; and S. Trevis Certo, associate professor and Mays research fellow.

“I believe that this award is a testament to the quality of Tim’s research and portends an excellent academic career for him,” said Hitt.

Ireland also had praise for his pupil. “Tim is a very talented individual. I am certain that his research will result in significant scholarly contributions throughout his academic career…I am thrilled for his work to be recognized in this manner,” he said.

The BCERC is considered to be the premier entrepreneurship research conference in the world. The FER contains selected papers from the Babson conference and is the most comprehensive collection of empirical research papers on entrepreneurship. Only forty of the more than 400 papers presented at the conference are published in the proceedings.

In 2007, Holcomb was recognized at A&M with a Dean’s Award for Outstanding Research.

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In new rankings released by Financial Times, the Mays Business School’s Executive MBA Program at Texas A&M University ranks #1 in the nation among public schools (#5 in the world) in the area of “participant work experience”. The Mays Executive MBA Program was listed #66 in the world overall, out of the 90 top schools considered in the Financial Times EMBA 2007 rankings.

On average, an executive MBA student at Mays has 17 years work experience upon entering the program. “The significant work experience contributes to a dynamic peer learning environment,” says Julie Orzabal, director of the program.

The Mays Executive MBA Program equips today’s working leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in a rapidly changing organizational environment. Based in The Woodlands just north of Houston, the unique program is built around an ongoing study of how value is created in all aspects of an organization’s operations. Peer discussion and real-world case studies replace the typical lecture-driven classroom format. The result is a highly interactive learning environment that provides each participant with knowledge they can put to work immediately. The 18-month program begins a new class each August. For more information, please contact the Mays Executive MBA office at emba@tamu.edu.

Mays Business School currently enrolls more than 4,000 undergraduate students and 875 graduate students. Mays is nationally ranked among public business schools for the quality of its undergraduate program, MBA program and the faculty scholarship of its 105 professors in five departments.

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Thomas Omer, Ernst & Young Professor of Accounting at Mays Business School at Texas A&M University has been asked to serve as an editor for the American Accounting Association publication, The Accounting Review. Senior editor Steven J. Kachelmeier of the University of Texas at Austin, announced the slate of editors to serve during his term which begins in late spring 2008.


Omer, who has been published several times in the Review, will serve in this capacity for a term of three years. He will primarily work on articles in his areas of specialty: tax and audit research.

Omer has served on editorial review boards in the past and he is excited about this advancement to a position of greater responsibility. The Accounting Review is one of the three top journals in the field; having a paper appear in that preeminent publication is a major step toward achieving tenure, said Omer. The Review is currently published five times yearly.

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One of the greatest moments any educator can have is when you learn that something you did truly affected a student’s life in a positive way. I experienced one such moment while having dinner recently at a great new restaurant. While my wife and I were enjoying our meal, the restaurant’s co-owner and executive chef stopped by to visit. As we talked, I learned that he had just earned a degree in finance—from Mays Business School!

Click to view videoObviously, I wanted to know more—specifically, what had led him from a business degree to a love of culinary excellence. He told me that he had originally thought he would need to get a corporate job for several years but had hoped to eventually go into the restaurant business. As it turns out, though, the professor of one of his business classes had prompted him to look at things in a different way. Essentially, a class assignment had led him to realize that he could combine his business expertise and his passion for cooking into a wonderful business opportunity. Most importantly, he didn’t have to wait several years; he could step out with a new venture right away.

Having the capability to touch lives is a major responsibility. At Mays Business School, we know that we have this capability. We also understand the responsibility that comes along with it. We strive to make sure that everything we do is targeted to touch lives in a positive way. We stay at the forefront of knowledge, we invest heavily in our ability to teach and mentor students, and we work to be positive role models. After all, you never know when an entrepreneur or business leader will introduce a new product that will save lives or a service that will change society in profound new ways. And you never know if the idea for that new product or service will have come from an experience in a class at Mays Business School.

Ricky W. Griffin
Interim Dean, Mays Business School

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2007 Outstanding Alumni Award recipients

Mays Business School recognizes Outstanding Alumni

It was a gala affair as 200 guests gathered in The Zone Club at Kyle Field on September 6th to applaud the achievements the 2007 Outstanding Alumni Award recipients, Charles L. Korbell, Jr. ’71, David R. Norcom ’73, and Willie T. Langston II ’81. …Read more

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Aggies in Business

Mays MBA student Joan Morrison was interested in pioneering a new business frontier. She already had a master’s in mechanical engineering when she decided to return to school for an MBA with the goal of becoming a consultant in the field of renewable energy technologies. There was just one problem: She couldn’t get an internship. …Read more

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Childers in London

Mays Regents’ Scholars find success through mentor relationships

Transitioning to college is tough for most students, but much more so for students who are the first in their immediate family to pursue higher education. Without the guidance of parents that have navigated the turbulent waters of their own freshman year, many first-generation students find themselves with no one to turn to with questions, and are therefore less likely to be successful in the classroom—and less likely to make it to graduation. …Read more

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It seems there is a new restaurant opening in College Station every month. Veritas Wine and Bistro, which opened in January of 2007, scores high on traits that set it apart from the competition. In addition to it’s unique menu of French-Asian-American cuisine and extensive collection of wines, Veritas boasts a management staff that is entirely comprised of Aggies, including two Mays Business School graduates. …Read more

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