Tony Weber ’84 returned to the Texas A&M University campus recently with a mission: to let Mays Business School students know about the highly profitable opportunities available in private equity. Weber, who has worked in the energy industry since graduation, and specifically in the private equity industry for the past six years, says it’s an area more students at his alma mater need to know about. “I just don’t see many Aggies in this field,” he says. “Aggies are bright. Aggies are smart. They can execute very well…That’s the reason that I’m here, to make people aware that these jobs are out there.”

Weber talks to students
Tony Weber ’84 wants to see more Aggies in the private equity industry.

Weber himself was unaware of this industry when he graduated with his BBA in finance 24 years ago. During his college years, he had the opportunity to intern with Chase Manhattan Bank and Bank of America. These experiences led him to a lengthy career as a commercial banker to the energy industry. He eventually attained the position of senior vice president and manager of Union Bank of California’s energy division in Dallas. He had planned to stay in that job and continue to climb the ladder of succession, but when he was offered a CFO position with one of the bank’s clients in the energy sector, he couldn’t pass it up.

In addition to private equity, Weber counseled students to look into the energy market as they make career plans. “I think that the energy industry is likely to remain hot in the coming years,” he said, also mentioning the shortage of qualified young people in that industry. “It’s a great market place.” Weber currently works as the managing director and director of corporate finance for Natural Gas Partners, a $6.9 billion private equity complex. He says that his firm is proud of the fact that they have created more than 200 millionaires in the 18 years they have been in operation. “It can be a very lucrative business,” he told students.

Weber is married to his high school sweetheart and fellow Aggie Cynthia (Green) ’84. They have one daughter, who plans to attend A&M and participate in the Mays business honors program this fall. Weber and his family reside in Dallas.