Comparing MBA programs in the U.S. is now easier for prospective students, thanks to the recently published The Best 301 Business Schools: 2010 Edition from the Princeton Review. The Texas A&M University Full-Time MBA Program at Mays Business School makes the guidebook’s list once again this year—and with a new distinction: The 2010 edition ranks the program 5th in the “Most Competitive Students” category.

The Princeton Review surveyed more than 19,000 students from the top AACSB-accredited MBA programs in the world to arrive at these rankings. Programs listed in the top 301 are not ranked to determine one business school as best overall. Instead the book has 11 rankings lists of the top 10 business schools in various categories. In the category “Most Competitive Students,” the Mays program was ranked 5th based on student assessment of how competitive classmates are, how heavy the workload is, and the perceived academic pressure. The guidebook also features profiles of the 301 programs listed.

Texas A&M’s MBA program is compressed into 16 months (as opposed to two-year programs more typical in the U.S.). While the accelerated program allows students to spend less time away from the marketplace, it is also more strenuous than longer programs. This year’s profile from Princeton Review, which is based on student survey data, states: “Though most MBA candidates say their coursework keeps them supremely occupied, they also appreciate the openness and camaraderie that exists between the students at Mays Business School. While students are “determined to succeed,’ “everybody in the class is very social and works together.’ Within the Mays community, “Friendliness and professionalism abound.'”

The profile also highlights the Mays Full-Time MBA Program students’ satisfaction with the affordability of the program, coupled with its high-quality faculty, small class size, and discussion-intensive format.

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About Mays Business School

Mays Business School currently enrolls more than 4,000 undergraduate students and 875 graduate students. The Full-Time MBA program is highly selective, with an acceptance rate of 23 percent. Currently there are 172 MBA students in their intensive 16-month program.