A team of students from the master’s in management of information systems recently earned the second place title in the International Case Competition on the Strategic Value of IT Management. Ankit Jagwani ’11, Bethany Lipton ’10, and Bedanta Talukdar ’10 represented Mays at the CA Technologies world conference, held in May in Las Vegas, Nevada. Along with the prestige of their ranking, the group also won a cash prize of $5,000.

Left to right: Bedanta Talukdar '10, Bethany Lipton '10, Citigroup Senior VP Bromin Menezes, CA Technologies CEO William E. McCracken, Ankit Jagwani '11.
Left to right: Bedanta Talukdar ’10, Bethany Lipton ’10, Citigroup Senior VP Bromin Menezes, CA Technologies CEO William E. McCracken, Ankit Jagwani ’11.

CA Technologies, the School of Business Administration at Oakland University, Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona, and Kelley School of Business at Indiana University hosted the event.

The competition brought together students from business and information technology disciplines to demonstrate and evaluate the strategic value of IT management for an organization. Each participating team included three graduate students with at least one student pursuing a degree in information technology or information systems. In the case of the Mays team, Jagwani and Lipton are MS-MIS students, and Talukdar is a graduate industrial engineering student.

Prior to arriving at the event, the students were presented with this business challenge: the CIO of a global financial services organization is concerned about the value proposition of moving an in-house application to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model in a cloud environment. The students were to analyze the proposal, the security and data issues inherent with such a move, and provide a recommendation for action.

The case was insightful as well as challenging, says Lipton. “I learned a ton about cloud computing and its future in the industry. I always heard of it as a buzz word but it became so much more after [the competition].”

Lipton will begin working for GE Oil and Energy starting in June. She appreciated the networking aspect of the event. “I met a lot of high level CA employees during the competition. In fact, our prize was awarded to us by the CEO of CA Technologies,” she said. Lipton has grand plans for her share of the prize money: start paying off student debt.

Lipton was philosophical about placing so highly in the international event. “Every time my team and I compete, we like to follow the wise words of one of our original teammates, Lakshmi [Lakshminarayan Subramanian]. He would always tell us that “all we could do was all we could do’ and that we should not get too cocky about winning because we couldn’t know what the other teams were doing. Those words kept us focused on the task at hand, even though Lakshmi couldn’t complete with us. When we made it all the way to second place we were totally surprised and very happy.”