Some Mays MBA graduates answer the question: “How has your MBA program help you see new opportunities and achieve your career goals?” 

The Mays Executive and Professional MBA Programs are held in Mays’ Houston CityCentre complex.

The Executive MBA Program is ranked in Financial Times (2016): 1st public in Texas, 1st in salaries among Texas public schools, 1st in work experience among Texas public schools,  8th U.S. public and 19th in U.S. overall. The Professional MBA Program is a rigorous 22-month program designed for working professionals who want to immediately apply the knowledge they learn in the classroom to their jobs.

Mays also offers a Full-Time MBA program at the Texas A&M University’s main campus in College Station.

Executive MBA, Class of 2017

Kayvan Zarea, Development Partner, Hanover Company

“The Mays MBA program was a highly transformative journey on both personal and professional levels. I expected professional growth but was surprised by the personal growth. I learned things about myself that no one can take away from me. Disaster City was a very insightful experience in which all of your strengths and weaknesses are immediately exposed for you and your team to analyze. It was instrumental in identifying strengths that I was unaware of, and quickly highlighted weaknesses that need further development.”

Steve Upshaw, CEO, Cross Country Home Services 

“The Mays Executive MBA program has made me a more effective CEO and puts me on a different trajectory of what I can achieve in the future. I cannot think of any decision in life that was better than choosing this program. Choosing A&M lets me be a third-generation Aggie.”




Ronny Jimenez, Assistant General Manager, Walmart

“The Texas A&M Executive MBA has given me the tools I need to become a transformational leader. I have been able to develop a global and strategic understanding of how data processes, economic and finance and government work together to enhance and optimize the purpose of a business entity. The trip to Washington, D.C., gave me a grasp of regulations, legislation at corporate and governmental levels, and has helped me to understand why and how decisions are made at the corporate level and why companies decide to work with the government to better society.”


Chad Cannon, Analyst, BHP Billiton

“The Mays MBA has been a rewarding experience and the time has been well spent. You have to step out of your comfort zone.”





Patti Miller, Vice President-Business Development, E.E.Reed Construction

“This program has opened up my eyes to business aspects that I did not know existed. I understand our company more holistically and I am not pigeon-holed in my own silo. The capstone project made me realize that I did not have the skills before the program to understand my company. I now understand how to read data and analyze. I am more well-rounded. I now have a voice, an educated perspective. I also made lifelong friends and mentors in my cohort. I always have somewhere to go with a problem. I can pick who I can go to because of the diversity of the cohort.”

Indrani Ghosh, Product Manager, United Airlines

“From the Executive MBA program, I gained more than tools; I gained an understanding of what I am capable of. The program challenges you and pushes you beyond your limits. I learned that I can do anything I focus on. I learned my own capabilities and where I fit into the big picture. It’s now more clear to me what I want to do in life.”



Professional MBA, Class of 2017


Candice Henderson, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

“I’m the first person in my family to get an MBA. I originally came from a meteorology background, but I’ve been able to immediately use the business acumen I’ve learned in both my personal and professional lives. What sounded like a foreign language before is now part of my business vernacular; now I can hold my own in business conversations and use the knowledge I’ve gained in both my personal and professional lives.”



Kimberly CucciaFinancial Analyst, Chevron

“In working on four to five teams throughout the program, I’ve learned how to work with different personalities. Ultimately, my goal in life is to be in a leadership position where I can positively influence others, and I believe that strong leaders understand how to relate to other people. I’ve also been able to take a technical approach to the lessons I’ve learned; there are things I have taken from class one weekend, and I’ve used them at work the next.”