Prospective students in a classroom

Mays grad leads students to first college campus experiences

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Bill Erickson, 1st place winner

It happens every time registration rolls around: Students ask their friends what courses they should take, what kind of assignments they should expect and what teaching style from given professors.

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Judge's gavel

Management professor’s work part of Supreme Court justice’s dissenting opinion

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ceomonkhead.jpgFellows learn from inspiring Brooklyn business pairing
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giving.jpgMays now accepts credit-card donations
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To anyone who has interacted with Dr. Ben Welch, it is probably no surprise that Texas Monthly named his Management 105 course as one of the two best classes to take at Texas A&M. Texas Monthly’sinaugural 2004 College Guide ranked the best and worst at Texas institutions.

Welch has taught the Management 105 course for many semesters, providing both Mays students and non-business majors an introduction to business issues.

“I am humbled by it,” says Welch, the director of the Center for Executive Development and senior lecturer for the Department of Management. “There are so many other deserving classes. I really approach (the class) in a pragmatic way because I believe that education should be fun.”

Welch is well loved by his students, evidenced by the numerous honors and awards he has amassed over the years. He was honored as a namesake for both Fish Camp and T-Camp and was selected by student members of the Management Society as Professor of the Year for 1991-1992 and 1995-1996.

Welch also received the John J. Koldus III Faculty/Staff Achievement Award and the Ed Guthrie Advisor of the Year Award in 1992-1993. In addition, he was the recipient of The Association of Former Students Award for Student Relations in 1994.

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Curious as to how construction on the college’s new Cox Graduate Business Center is progressing? Well, now you can keep tabs on the new building right from your desktop.

A Web camera is tracking construction on the 66,000- square-feet (gross) expansion. The facility, named after Kay and Jerry ’72 Cox, is slated to open in fall 2003.

To check out the Web cam, visit or visit the Cox Business Center site for more photos and information.

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Dr. Wendy Boswell’s research on stress was cited in a recent article in The Wall Street Journal. According to Boswell, an assistant management professor, and her research colleagues at Cornell University, contrary to popular belief, not all stress is bad.

In fact, one kind, “challenge stress,” is what motivates people to do well, such as having projects, assignments and responsibilities. According to Boswell, this type of stress correlates to the things employees value like money, skills and promotions. Although the long-term effects of challenge stress aren’t known, employees still seek it out, noted Boswell in the Journal article.

While challenge stress often propels employees to perform better, “hindrance stress” often causes the opposite reaction. This type of stress is the negative junk associated with work — red tape, stalled careers and lack of job security. If faced with this type of stress for a long period of time, health problems can ensue, ranging from heart disease to immune system disorders, the article notes.

To learn more about how stress affects work performance, check out this article that ran earlier this year in Mays Business Online.

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Recent Awards Include:

Dean Emeritus status granted by the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents

Diversity Award presented by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost and the Associate Provost and Dean of Faculties

Eagle Award presented by Private Enterprise Research Center

Award presented by the Business Student Council during Parent’s Weekend

Framed emeritus status plaque, a resolution and crystal bookends by the Academic Program Council and a crystal nameplate presented at a university-wide reception

Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award for Administration

Resolution presented by the Texas A&M Foundation

Framed rendering of the Special Events Center named in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Cocanougher (located in the approved Wehner Building expansion) presented at a dinner honoring the Cocanoughers

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