Experiential Learning

Residency Week

Residency Week marks the start of students’ Executive MBA experience. This week, which is held at Texas A&M’s Mays Business School in College Station, sets the stage for the program’s rigorous curriculum while allowing students to experience the renowned “Aggie Spirit” firsthand. Following is a summary of the week’s events:

  • Foundational coursework: Students complete the first series of program modules that serve as the foundation for the program’s curriculum. Sessions include team building skills, communication skills, the Case Method and data analysis.
  • Focus on professional competencies: Modules on self-assessment, business communication and team building introduce students to skill sets that will be enhanced and developed throughout the program’s four semesters.
  • Set expectations:  Executive MBA students have the opportunity to learn from program graduates who take part in a candid panel discussion about their MBA experience. This discussion offers suggestions on how to successfully balance graduate school, work and family.
  • Build relationships: Students meet and get to know classmates, faculty members and previous graduates through a variety of social events. These activities encourage participants to interact informally with each other and the faculty so they develop camaraderie that continues into the classroom.
  • Experience Aggieland: Executive MBA students learn about Texas A&M through by taking a campus tour, meeting the Texas Aggie Yell Leaders and learning about Aggie traditions.

Washington Campus

All Executive MBA students take part in the Washington Campus Seminar, a four-day program in Washington, D.C. that takes place in May of the program’s first year. This seminar is tailored to help Executive MBA students learn more about the various federal institutions and policy-making processes that have an impact on businesses. The seminar features a variety of speakers, including current and former government officials, media personalities, political party representatives, federal regulators, and government staffers.

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project provides an opportunity for Executive MBA students to customize their MBA through a program-long project for their current employer or another client. The project allows students to demonstrate their cumulative business knowledge and leadership skills learned through the program by tackling an important challenge facing their client. The project requires students to identify and define a problem or issue, develop an approach that incorporates their classroom learning, and then produce actionable recommendations that can significantly impact the organization. Students conduct research, perform quantitative and/or qualitative analysis, develop and test solutions, formulate options and recommendations, produce professionally written deliverables, and deliver a final oral presentation.