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For Applicants

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The Master of Analytics program is taught part-time in person at Houston CityCentre and via live-video stream on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings. Half of our students join remotely. There’s no need to move to Texas to enroll!

Internationally Recognized

2022 QS Reimagine Award for Best Online Program. 1200 nominations from all over the world, four rounds of reviews: Bronze Recipient.


Relevant Curriculum

Our program teaches methods and tools relevant to the demands of industry. Our curriculum is designed with a hands-on approach in the topics of regression analysis, time series, SAS, R, Python programming and DevOps. View our curriculum here.

Capstone Project & Professional Development

The cornerstone of our program is our career enhancing work-based capstone project. Students use real data and build a predictive model with it. For the class of 2022 the average monetary value of a capstone was $120,400,000.

  • Work-based datasets are strongly encouraged but not required. Students are able to bring datasets of their own interest.


A Return on YOUR Investment

Class of 2022 Success:

  • 91% reported a raise/promotion
  • 59% reported a raise of $35K+

How We Stack Up

Excellent Customer Service

  • Virtual office hours & application coaching sessions
  • Direct shipping of textbooks and other class materials
  • Advisor & administrative support to keep you on track
  • One-stop shop experience. No running around campus
  • Access to career management services/coaching FOR LIFE



  • Transparency pricing: Overall cost is a flat rate fee of $65,000.
  • Flexible payment plans per semester
  • Financial aid available

Quick Admissions Process

  • GRE waiver available
  • Rolling admissions every month until April
  • Participate in an invite-only interview
  • Know your admissions decision within 2-3 weeks after applying


Top 3 Reasons to Apply Early!

Early access to content & networking

Admitted students will get early access to refresher material, course content and much more. Don’t wait any longer!

Time to Prepare

A five semester program requires serious commitment! Early admissions allows students to plan ahead and be ready for the rigor of MS Analytics classes.

Plan your Capstone Project

Getting admitted early allows you to work with your employer on a business problem and dataset for you to use for a capstone project.