Our curriculum is designed to allow our students to graduate in four years with a competitive research portfolio. During the coursework phase of our program, students will take courses in macroeconomic theory, econometrics, and statistics. In addition, our students will take research seminars that cover a wide range of topics in accounting research.

Residence and credit hour requirements

Students are expected to maintain residency through graduation. Admission to candidacy requires the completion of course work, completion of the comprehensive exam, and the filing of an acceptable dissertation proposal with the Office of Graduate Studies.

Program requirements

Incoming doctoral students prepare a tentative degree program in consultation with the doctoral program coordinator. This program identifies specific courses to be completed and when they are to be completed. A final and formal degree plan is completed with the student’s advisory committee prior to taking the comprehensive exam.

Performance standards

The grading standards within the James Benjamin Department of Accounting are significantly more rigid than the University requirements. Any student that receives two (2) C’s while in the program will be recommended to the Office of Graduate Studies for automatic dismissal.

Annual review

The Ph.D. Policy Committee will review the performance of each Ph.D. student at the end of the first and second years in the program. This process will be based on grades to date and completed questionnaires from faculty conducting Ph.D. seminars and other courses. The purpose of the review is to provide faculty and students additional information on the progress of each student toward completing degree requirements. Students with significant deficiencies will be reviewed after each semester.