International Business Studies Certificate


The International Business Studies Certificate enables students to establish an international business and culture knowledge base that will prepare you to meet global business challenges. The certificate program is open to Mays Business School students seeking a B.B.A. (accounting, business honors, finance, management, management information systems, marketing and supply chain management).

The certificate requires 18 credit hours that may be integrated as part of the undergraduate business curriculum. With careful planning, the 18 hours required can be completed within the 120 hours of the undergraduate business curriculum.


International Business Courses: 12 hours
Courses should be selected from a list of International Business Courses or taken on a Mays faculty-led or semester exchange program. Three of the twelve hours must be taken in your major:

  • Accounting majors – ACCT 445/IBUS 445 International Accounting
  • Finance majors – FINC 445/IBUS 446 International Finance
  • Management majors – MGMT 450/IBUS 450 International Environment of Business
  • Management Information Systems majors – SCMT 340 Global Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing majors – MKTG 401/IBUS 401 Global Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management majors – SCMT 340 Global Supply Chain Management


Non-Business International Courses: 6 hours
Six credit hours of non-business international courses from the approved International Electives course list or university-level foreign language (credit by exam does not count).


International Experience: 1 month minimum
International experience can include a summer or semester reciprocal exchange, faculty-led summer or winter program, field trip, internship, or volunteer program. Students may also combine multiple short-term trips (program days must exceed 30). Visit the Study Abroad section of this website for more information.


Final Submission Form: Submit the final submission form to no later than one month prior to the start of finals in your graduating semester.  The form will be emailed to you at the beginning of your final semester.

To earn a certification in International Business, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Plan ahead: You can start planning as early as your freshman year. It is important for you to schedule the appropriate classes. You are responsible for completing the required courses and international experience.
    –Need help? Check with your academic advisor or set up an appointment with the Center for International Business Studies (CIBS) in Wehner 230.
  2. Apply: Apply for the certificate through the CIBS website a year before your graduating semester, even if you have not yet completed all requirements (i.e. if you expect to graduate May 2019, apply for the certificate May 2018). This ensures that the certificate program is applied to your degree plan.
  3. Log in to Howdy: When you apply for graduation in the Howdy portal at the beginning of your graduating semester, be sure to apply for graduation in both your BBA (this is your primary degree, in FINC, MKTG, SCMT, etc.) and for the Certificate in International Business Studies, which will be listed separately as a “secondary curriculum.” This step ensures the certificate is reviewed by degree audit and delivered with your diploma at graduation.
  4. Complete ALL requirements: You must complete all requirements of the certificate program prior to graduation. CIBS will review your application and confirm successful completion of the certificate requirements during your graduating semester.

If all requirements are met, the certificate program will be posted to the student transcript upon graduation from Mays Business School.