The Department of Management at the Mays Business School is a distinguished leader in the field of management education and research. Our programs and curricula receive global recognition for their strength and continued contributions to the field of management.

As an innovator in business education, Department of Management engenders creative thought, knowledge production, and insight into the field of management. Our programs reflect these objectives through the use of novel concepts, tools, and techniques. Insights gained develop competencies in both theory and practice, which ensures the success of our students in regard to all aspects of management.

Our Department of Management is the 7th most productive in the world, according to the Top 100 Ranking of Research Productivity as compiled by the University of Texas at Dallas.


Our mission is to advance the field of Management studies through world-class education and research initiatives. Through courses and experiences offered, students acquire the foundational understanding required to thrive as practicing managers, firm leaders, and productive scholars.

Our department consistently ranks in the top tier in terms of research productivity as measured by top management publications–a testament to our dedication of scholastic achievement.


The Department of Management offers three programs of study:

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Management degree program combines theory and practice to educate students on the planning, organizational, decision making, communication, and leadership skills necessary to succeed in a professional setting. Through a series of electives, students will focus their studies in one of five areas of expertise.

Our Master of Science in Human Resource Management is a competitive program designed to cultivate the skills and knowledge-base necessary for a successful career in HR. The program is recruited heavily by major oil and gas companies as well as Fortune 500s.

Our Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Leadership emphasizes leadership in three areas: conceiving, exploiting, and managing opportunities. Graduates of this program pursue new business start-ups, leadership in high growth firms, or corporate intrapreneurship for improving an organization’s ability to innovate.

Ph.D. in Business Administration – Management is the highest academic achievement in the field of management. Our program broadens the field of theoretical and practical Management.


Our faculty is an accomplished group of individuals, dedicated to providing students with an excellent education and contributing to the field through research-based scholarship.

In terms of research, our faculty is well regarded for their consistent output of acclaimed scholarly works. In fact, we continue to be ranked in the top 10 “most productive management research groups” by the world’s most prestigious journals.

Student Organizations

We recommend that students diversify their educational experiences through engagement in extracurricular activities. Participate in opportunities and organizations–whether academic, cultural, service, or professional–giving you the opportunity to engage with others who share your interests, gain relevant knowledge and experience, and develop transferable skills that will contribute to your professional development. Learn more about campus-wide and business organizations.