Student Organizations

Just a few of the organizations of potential interest to Management majors…

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) at Mays Business School chapter is open to both undergraduate and graduate students interested in HRM. The goal of the organization is to generate interest in the field of HRM, while helping members transition from college students to industry professionals. SHRM provides leadership opportunities, establishes and supports standards of excellence in HRM and develops contacts with HR professionals, managers and other executives.

The 180 Degrees Consulting organization–a student chapter of the global organization–aims to provide the highest quality consulting services to nonprofits and social enterprises while providing highly talented university students with life-defining experiences.

The Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (C-E-O) / Texas A&M University Chapter is the front door to entrepreneurship at Texas A&M University, bringing students together who share an interest in entrepreneurship and pointing them in the right direction to make their business ideas into a reality.  Through incredible programs and opportunities, as well as networking, collaboration, and education, students further their entrepreneurial mindset and skills that may lead to new businesses, new partnerships, or intrapreneurship within corporations. 

The Business Law Guild allows members to explore the benefits of a legal education.  Through guest speakers from the legal field, students learn about the wide variety of career paths available with a law degree while connecting with professionals and fellow students who share an interest in law.

Want additional options for personal and professional development, networking, involvement, and leadership?  Search your options on the Business Student Council and Student Activities web sites!