Council for the Management of Information Systems

The Council for the Management of Information Systems (CMIS) brings students, faculty, and industry members together in active partnerships focused on the use of information technologies in businesses and organizations. The benefits of these partnerships include unique educational opportunities for students, research opportunities for faculty and access to top talent for industry members.

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Mission Statement

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Texas A&M University’s Council for the Management of Information Systems (CMIS) provides a competitive advantage to our students, faculty and industry members by facilitating an active partnership (aligning needs and resources) to provide robust, relevant educational opportunities, research support and corporate access.

To achieve our mission, CMIS engages highly active and innovative corporate members who facilitate our efforts through coordination, participation and sponsorship. CMIS seeks to provide member organizations with a competitive advantage through their participation in our activities.

To accomplish our mission, CMIS coordinates several events, which include the following:

  • CMIS Summer Workshop 
  • Speed Networking and MIS Mixer
  • Case Competitions
  • Leadership in Technology Conference
  • MIS Career Fair
  • Career Night
  • Scholarships

Meet Our Team

The Council for the Management of Information Systems is dedicated to the success of our students and partners. To connect with the council, visit our directory page.

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Corporate Advisory Board

ExaByte Members

Member Since : 1990 (founding member)

Board Member Representatives:
Sayra Torres, IT Business Analyst

Member Since : 2022
Board Member Representatives:
Luke Voigt

Member Since : 2019
Board Member Representatives:
Paul Mazeika, Application Development & Integration Services

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PetaByte Members

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TeraByte Members

Member Since: 2012
Board Member Representative: Kevin Jensen

Member Since: 2009
Board Member Representative: Gabe Wilson

HBK Capital Management
Member Since: 2023
Board Member Representative: Abby Vanikiotis

Member Since: 2019
Board Member Representative: Ross Benton

Member Since: 2012
Board Member Representative: David Plasek

Pioneer Natural Resources
Member Since: 2017
Board M