We are seeking a class of approximately 65 students. Admissions is highly competitive, so we encourage you to take advantage of the one-on-one resources available in order to submit a strong application and prepare for the interview. Due to limited seats, we encourage applicants to apply early.

Top Reasons to Apply Early!

  1. Applying and getting admitted early allows time to prepare for the program. We realize that in order for the “stars to align”, you need time to prepare.
  2. Applying and being admitted early gives you access to content released ahead of time: Class invites, virtual hangouts with admitted/current students, financial aid sessions and refresher material.
  3. For those that deposit before Dec. 1, the initial deposit is reduced 50%, so instead of $1,000, your deposit is $500. The deposit confirms your admission and triggers the order for your laptop and textbooks to be ready for you in August 2022 (orientation).

Steps for admissions:

  • Start a Pre-Application We highly encourage you to visit with our Program Administrators to gain insights about our program and the process before you submit a pre-application
  • Video interview (by invitation)
  • Official TAMU Graduate Admission Application
  • Deposit within three weeks of admission
  • Attend boot camp/orientation in mid August

Program Staff availability:

Visiting with our program staff has never been easier. Attend our weekly virtual office hours, or schedule an application coaching session. We’re here to help!

Virtual Office Hours/Application Coaching Appointments: Are you ready to apply to the Master of Science in Analytics and have application questions? Have a general question about our program? Set up a virtual coaching/office hours appointment with a member of the admissions team! Appointments are 15-20 minutes in length. Access the link to access the calendar and find a slot. Prior to the session, you’ll receive an email with the link to your Zoom meeting. Come prepared with a copy of your resume and unofficial transcript.

Our class breakdown:

Strong candidates must meet the following criteria and qualifications:

Work Experience: We require a minimum of 3 years of full time work experience. Applicants who do not meet the work experience criteria will not be considered for the term they’re applying for.

Strong Academic Background: A competitive undergraduate or graduate GPA strengthens the admissions pre-application.

Competitive GRE/GMAT Scores: A GRE or GMAT score of top 25%. We can waive the requirement after we perform a comprehensive review of an applicant’s academic background.

Organizational support: We strongly recommend students to seek organizational support from their current employer for access to data and mentorship. We require students to build a predictive model in order to graduate from the program. There are options available for students who can’t get organizational support. Please visit with program staff to find out about options.

Purpose: A well written statement of purpose about how this analytics degree will help your organization.

Statistics Competency: Applicants must have completed a statistics course with a grade of B or better.