Class Visits

Texas A&M MS Analytics is offering class visits (both in person at Houston CityCentre & via live video stream). This will is a great opportunity for you to know more about our classes and our teaching methods. You’ll get a chance to interact with faculty, staff and students. We hope to see you throughout the semester.

Here’s what we’re teaching this semester:
**Please note, our class visits are only offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (7:00 pm – 8:00 pm cst)**

  1. Data Wrangling Tools & Techniques: The primary objective of the course is to familiarize students with Python and Structured Query Language (SQL) as general data management tools. The  course introduces students to the principles of computer coding using the Python programming language to manipulate data. Students also learn how to use a base set of Python data analysis libraries. In addition, students  use SQL to manipulate data in a relational database management system (SQL Server).
  2. Time Series & Machine Learning & Visualization: Integrating time series data into analytics and machine learning; visualization methods for temporal data in business and engineering; incorporating ARIMA modeling techniques into machine learning models; interpreting and validating time series models for recommending business and engineering recommendations and actions.
  3. Strategic Analytics: This course brings together two distinct, but related, disciplines: Strategy and Negotiations. All organizations engage in some form of a strategic process that results in an overall strategy for the organization. Where many organizations fail is in the implementation of the strategy. But, Why? Generally, a leadership team create the strategy and then assigns it to business units and functional teams to execute on the strategy. “Thirty Percent of managers cite failure to coordinate across units as the greatest challenge to executing their company’s strategy” Project Management Institute. Negotiating and handling organizational conflict are ubiquitous skills necessary to accomplishing any strategic initiative within the organization. Technical skills are important, but the ability to understand and influence digital strategy to move your organization forward requires leadership, tact, and negotiation. These are skills that can be acquired with practice. Because these skills are necessary for formulating and executing on a digital strategy, we will discuss them in the last few weeks of the course. However, most of the course will focus on digital strategy.

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