Transformational Stories: Jim C.


Jim C. ’21

Jim  is an experienced Petroleum Engineer based in Houston with a focus on reservoir engineering. He principally has been with operating companies worldwide in all phases of exploration, development and production.

How MS Analytics Transformed Jim’s Career

Since enrolling in the MS Analytics Program, I’ve experienced many opportunities to create a fusion of my significant domain knowledge in engineering with analytics, and create both short and long term business impacts in my profession.

An Advanced Skill Set

Early in my career, having an advanced technical calculator and perhaps access to a terminal was how I performed technical analysis. Later, PC’s and spreadsheet tools were a form of visual programming and visualization that augmented our toolsets. With explosion of the internet, handheld mobile communication and calculation tools, the old workflows are insufficient. So much information is now available, storage and analysis cannot be leveraged by old workflows. The potential of mining this explosion of information is exciting because so much value is hiding in plain sight. The workflows of today require programming, data mining, machine learning, visualization, and exceptional critical thinking skills. You will learn about this and much more within this program.

Jim’s Advice to Prospects

This course is designed to transform your skills as an experienced professional, or change to a different path, if that is your intent. I do believe there are multiple channels to obtain elements of knowledge in the marketplace. The MS Analytics program is akin to a “Personal Trainer for the Mind”, that weaves together elements of analytics and data science. You will graduate with an incredible professional network and support system, and be prepared to advance and achieve.

Previously, Jim has earned a BS and MS in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M and an Executive MBA from NYTIT.