2019 Recipients

Name: Bharat Reddy

Name: Barbara Thompson

After a career of over 30 years in the oil & gas industry including design, project management, business unit leader, business development and strategy, Ms. Thompson entered the Masters Analytics program at Texas A&M University to broaden her access to the industry agnostic field of data analytics. Barbara’s goal was to leverage her leadership and project management skills in order to lead strategy and implementation of Digital and Big Data transformations for clients. Within her roles in Business Development and Strategy Creation, Ms. Thompson has been responsible for acquiring and analyzing industry trends, customer feedback, R&D planning, and new product roll-outs.

Her capstone project was sourced by the University for an outside client that requested assistance in planning market penetration for its products. Led by the principal capstone project coach, Dr. Ed Jones, Ms. Thompson joined two other classmates in creating prediction models for market growth/shrinkage for this client.  The successful capstone project was well received by both the University advisors and the end client.

Name: Shaun Wright

Shaun Wright holds degrees in Physics and Geophysics from King’s and Imperial College of the University of London. His fifty years of experience in the oil and gas industry has taken him from “Juggy” on a field exploration crew, to CEO of a publicly listed IT services company.

He is currently an independent Analytics Consultant.

2012 Recipient
Alex Little

Name: Alexander Little
Project Name: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Ground Water Conservation Districts in the Gulf Coast Aquifer of Texas.

Alex received his Mater’s degree in May, 2012 under the advisement of Thomas Wehrly. He is a graduate of Pomona College, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geology in 2002. He is currently working to publish the results of his project, which includes a new method of aggregating the sparse, unevenly spaced, covariance nonstationary observations typical of well-level measurements by removing the baseline differences between wells and removing the seasonal component of the time series to calculate regional average measurements. Alex holds teacher certifications in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and spent four years teaching math and science to at-risk students in inner city schools and prisons. Alex is a member of Statistics
Without Borders, and he currently lives in Paraquay.
Masters Project Report

2011 Recipient

Michelle Pflueger

Name: Michelle Pflueger
Project Name: Electrical Submersible Pump Survival Analysis.

Michelle received her Master’s degree in May, 2011 under the advisement of Jianhua Huang. She is also a graduate of UC Berkeley, where she earned a BS in Chemical Engineering in 2000. Michelle works as a Petroleum Engineer for Chevron and her career has given her the opportunity to work in multiple countries, both in the field and in central technology groups. Her goal is continue to find ways to apply the statistical theory she has learned at Texas A&M to common Petroleum Engineering problems encountered in the oil industry.
Masters Project Report

2010 Recipient

Xiaolei Xun

Name: Xiaolei Xun
Project Name: Statistical Method on A Basic Tomography Problem.

Xiaolei received her Master’s degree in December, 2009, under the advisement of Bani Mallick and Raymond Carroll. She plans to continue with the department for a Ph.D. in Statistics as well. She also has served as the secretary of the Statistics Graduate Student Association from 2009 to 2010.
Masters Project Report