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Whether you are working in real estate, quality management, IT or CRM management, a degree in analytics which encompasses knowledge of business acumen, computer science/programming, and business math/statistics are tools in your toolkit that lead you towards being one of the elite few.  The few who truly understand data science that have a degree to prove it!

These outstanding women have an MS Analytics degree from Texas A&M and are leading their organizations towards a competitive advantage in their industries.  Come hear about their journey, their advice, and perhaps a few projects they are working on.

Our aMAYSing Panel:

Linda Sarmiento
Linda leads an Analytics Center of Excellence in an oil and gas organization in the Houston area.  With over 15 years of experience in strategic innovation, data analytics, product delivery she has much knowledge to share. She is a member of the MS Analytics Class of 2018.

Débora Tieppo
Debora, originally from Argentina, works for an international energy industry related manufacturing company out of Houston, Texas and is a Data-oriented industrial process expert working with R&D, operational areas, quality, product metallurgy. She is a member of the MS Analytics class of 2018 and continues her post-grad studies in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Janell Ream
Janell is a Data scientist at a large international men’s and women’s apparel design and marketing company.  She is based in Wisconsin.  She worked at a large insurance company while in the MS Analytics class of 2018.  She progressed quickly from analyst roles to her current role.

Michele Davis
A US Airforce veteran and real estate consultant originally from Panama, Michele and her husband run a successful international luxury real estate business based in Katy, Texas. Her masters capstone project was around time on market and optimal pricing of homes in a Houston area.  She is a member of the MS Analytics Class of 2020.

Women in Analytics, 2021
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