Transformational Stories: Leo L.

Leo L. ’19

Leo serves as a Business System Analyst Lead at a financial service company in Houston, TX. He has over 13 years experience in the industry where he worked as a Network Engineer, IT Operations. and Infrastructure Architect.

The Impact of an MSA Degree at Texas A&M:

The impact this Analytics program had in his career was the opportunity to move to a completely different department where they needed to understand client and commercial cards data to have a better understanding and develop better strategies for client retention and acquisition.

The Value it brings to a career:

The value he saw after completing the program is the ability to better understand the data and other financial information e.g. forecasting using regression or time series techniques, that he was not able to understand before. He is now able to contribute recommendations or develop his own strategies.

The Practicality of the curriculum:

In his personal situation, his manager looked at his capstone project and became interested in the classes he was taking. This was the reason he was given the opportunity to join a team of analysts with a raise and promotion.

Advice from someone who has been through it, to someone who’s planning to attend:

I would highly recommend the program, just for the simple fact that we all can benefit from using real data from any industry for example financial services, healthcare, government, etc. This will definitely allow us to assist management in making more informed decisions to improve efficiency, increase profits, develop stronger portfolios, etc. than merely presenting numbers and figures.