Transformational Stories

Stephanie Pollock ’21

Stephanie is a US Army Veteran, currently working as a business analyst and underwriter for a private equity investment company. she earned her undergraduate degree in Paralegal Studies from Liberty University while serving in the military, but after experiencing the scope of her current role, she discovered a love for data exploration and began her MS Analytics journey at Texas A&M, Mays Business School. She has since been able to utilize the tools she learned to create a data warehouse and a more effective forecast model to make real-time cash planning decisions.

How MS Analytics Transformed Stephanie’s Career

With the concepts and software taught in the MS Analytics program, I have been able to better explain my decisions, data and models to the management team. It has made me more confident as an analyst by being able to comprehend and validate my results. Since the program started, I have noticed a drastic change in the trust my company has that I will not only get the answers and products they need, but also deliver it in an easy to understand way.

Additionally, I have been interviewing for new positions and learning a wide variety of analytic software that are extremely coveted has given me an edge on my resume. I have been using the public speaking concepts taught alongside our normal courses to better prepare for interviews and received wonderful feedback as well.

The Impact of Analytics in my Career

The company I work for had very little experience with using data and often made biased decisions or assumptions that had negative, long-term effects. Now, I show them a comparison of their preferences versus what the new analytical models predict which usually shifts their plan or makes them consider alternatives. Using multiple methods and manipulations of data that churn similar results have helped me prove my competence, trust the data and with that, have helped me better analyze and understand how to best react.

Joining via live video stream

My undergrad was completely online, so I had a good idea of what that setting would be like. However, Texas A&M MS Analytics program makes a huge effort to ensure everyone feels as though they are there and still part of the Aggie community. The professors answer everyone’s questions in real-time regardless of being remote or on site. Though I have had to adjust my schedule around lectures, office hours and team meets; I have a great support system that makes sure I get my own space during those times, so it hasn’t been an issue.

Stephanie’s Advice to Prospects

For anyone joining this program, be transparent with your friends and family about the time commitment and make sure you have their full support. For me, this meant I would be missing bath times and bedtimes with my 3-year-old daughter among other things. However, keep in mind that it’s only temporary and completely worth it to be part of the Aggie network. You will gain 50+ new friends and professionals to lean on from the moment you start through the rest of your career. You will also be learning extremely relevant concepts for this industry, so take advantage of every software tool you get the chance to play with.
Good Luck and Gig ‘Em!