Transformational Stories: Tathagata B.

Tathagata B. ’18

Tathagata was promoted from a North America Business Leader to the Vice President & General Manager, of the Supply Chain Fulfillment Automation business of a Fortune 50 company.

How MS Analytics Transformed Tathagata’s Career:

The MS Analytics program allowed Tathagata to dig deep into applications of parametric and non-parametric modeling of data in business decisions. Tathagata combined deep business knowledge and artificial intelligence techniques to solve complex business problems in revenue forecasting and valuation of projects. This was possible due to the balanced diet of statistics, data engineering, machine learning and predictive modeling, creating an extremely powerful skill-set to lead the company’s digital transformation.

He Acquired An Advanced Skill-set

Tathagata today leads a multi-million dollar business in supply chain fulfillment that is embarking on a transformational growth journey in artificial intelligence based robotics automation. Tathagata considers himself as a Citizen Data Scientist who makes sense of staggering volumes of data and makes decisions using some of the techniques learned during the two-year Master of Science in Analytics course at Texas A&M University.