MS Business


Eligibility & Requirements

Candidates must have a non-business bachelor’s degree to apply. The program is designed for candidates with a single, undergraduate degree and little (or no) professional work experience.

Application Timeline

The application system for Summer 2019 applicants will open in late September 2018. Applications are accepted for summer admission only. Admission review rounds are as follows:

Nov 1, 2018 Round 1 (Priority I)
Dec 1, 2018 Round 2
Feb 1, 2019 Round 3
Feb 15, 2019 Deadline for international
Mar 1, 2019 Round 4 (Priority II)
Apr 1, 2019 Round 5

Upcoming Information Sessions

September 14 @ 7PM (Wehner 104)

October 17 @ 7PM (Wehner 104)




The MS Business program provides a strong foundation in the basics of business, including:

  • Business communications and ethics
  • Finance and accounting
  • Information systems
  • Supply chain management and marketing
  • Management and entrepreneurship

Innovative, Integrated 11-Month Experience

MS Business has 36 credits hours across 17 courses exclusively designed for MS Business program.

Learn Business by Doing Business

The MS Business Class of 2018 created these companies in the Integrated Business Experience (IBE) course.


Career Opportunities

Graduates from the Master of Science in Business will have a significant advantage over their peers in the job market. In addition, they benefit from extensive support resources, including:

The Aggie Network

The Association of Former Students is a powerful organization that can help advance your career.

Learn More

To learn more about outcomes and benefits of our new Master of Science in Business program, email the program coordinator.

Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Fees

tuition and fees = $33,500


All admitted students are automatically considered for program scholarships. Approximately 25% of admitted students will receive financial aid from the program.

Financial Aid

We encourage students to pursue all university-based financial aid options available to them.