Application Process

Application Deadlines

Oct 1, 2022 Early Admission
Dec 1, 2022 Round 1
Feb 1, 2023 Round 2
Feb 1, 2023 Deadline for international applicants
Apr 1, 2023 Round 3

Admission Reviews

Applications are accepted for summer admission only.

The admissions committee uses a rolling admission process and reviews applications monthly (November – May). The committee reviews applications received by the beginning of the month as a batch. The committee evaluates applications until the final deadline or until the number of seats in the program has been filled.

In an application review, the admissions committee considers all application portfolios completed prior to the first day of the month. During the review, the committee assigns one of three decision outcomes to each application:

  1. Invite to continue the admission process. These applicants receive an invitation from the MS Business office to schedule a personal interview (see below for additional details).
  2. Hold for the next monthly review. These applicants do not receive any notice from the MS Business program or the Mays Business School.
  3. Deny admission. These applicants receive a final decision notice from Mays Business School.

Application decisions are based on a review of the entire application portfolio which includes an applicant’s grade point average (GPA), scores on GMAT/GRE, TOEFL or IELTS score (for international applicants), undergraduate transcript, résumé, written essay responses, and letters of recommendation.

Personal Interview

After each monthly review, the admissions committee invites a subset of students to continue the admission process by participating in a personal interview. The final admission decision is made after the personal interview.

Admission Decision

Students admitted to the program receive a letter from the Mays Business School with an official offer of admission. If an applicant has not completed all of the prerequisite coursework, the admission offer is conditional upon completion of the prerequisite coursework.

Admission Acceptance and Enrollment Deposit

To accept an admission offer, an applicant pays a nonrefundable enrollment deposit of $500 to hold a seat in the class. The deposit money is applied to the tuition/fee statements of students who matriculate into the program. The deposit should be paid within 30 days of receiving the admission offer letter. Individuals who ultimately do not begin classes in the program will forfeit the deposit. The deposit deadline will be communicated to admitted students after the admission offer is extended.