Swaggie company logo

swAggie is an IBE company that provided socks and stickers for the Aggie community. Our socks and stickers brought together A&M association and today’s social trends.


We had two designs each for the socks and stickers. Our first sock was the “Stomp ‘Em Off” football-themed game day sock with a longhorn on the bottom. The second sock was the “Gigocado” sock with avocados and thumbs-up emojis. Our stickers were “HERE.” to represent the tradition of Muster and “g·o·o·d b·u·l·l” in the Friends theme.

Swaggie products

What non-profit organization did your company work with for service hours?

We donated 18 hours of service to Down Home Ranch.

What did you do for service?

Our team organized, sorted, and boxed goods.

What is the name of the non-profit to which you will donate?

We donated $752.52 to Down Home Ranch in Elgin, Texas, which fosters adults with intellectual disabilities. Down Home Ranch teaches motor skills and daily lessons through hands-on activities such as farming, gardening, and office work.