The Ph.D. in Business Administration – Operations and Supply Chain Management program is rated as one of the top programs in the nation and offers a number of unique features and benefits:

  • Systems perspective: The doctoral program has a strong systems point of view and stresses the interrelations of the functional business areas and the importance of effective decision making.
  • Emphasis on problem-solving: The program strives to develop professionals who are well grounded in their discipline’s underlying theories and have refined problem-solving capabilities.
  • Diverse learning opportunities: Our students explore their discipline through numerous learning opportunities including coursework, in-class experiences, projects with industry, and teaching.  Most learning is accomplished through joint research with faculty members and involves an extensive mentoring process.
  • Commitment to quality research: Our program challenges students to develop advanced competencies for conducting quality research, directing research of others and communicating research findings through teaching, seminars, conference presentations and writing.
  • Research based in practice: Our program provides students with comprehensive knowledge of business concepts and practices in operations and supply chain management that supports their teaching and publishing in top academic journals.
  • Preparation for research-based careers: Our program prepares candidates for research and teaching positions in academia.

General program requirements: Details of general program requirements are available from the Texas A&M University Graduate Handbook, the Texas A&M Graduate Catalog, the Mays Ph.D. Programs Handbook, the Ph.D. in Business Administration Operations and Supply Chain – Brochure, and the Ph.D. in Business Administration Operations and Supply Chain Management – Handbook.