Sales Competition Overview

12th Annual Texas A&M Collegiate Sales Competition

October 16 & 17, 2020

Congratulations to our 2019 winners!

Earn 100 Points towards your Professional Distinction in Sales for participating!

Click here to see pictures from our 11th Annual Collegiate Sales Competition.

Mission Statement:

The Texas A&M Collegiate Sales Contest is designed to provide a learning environment for interaction between students at Texas A&M University who are interested in sales and marketing careers and industry professionals who work in this area. The Collegiate Sales Contest is a role playing based competition that provides students the opportunity to learn about the sales profession while practicing the principles of personal selling. The contest uses a case-based situation where the students present a value-based business solution to the client’s problem during a simulated sales call. The competition is also designed to provide intensive industry-student network building opportunities during the two day event.

The Texas A&M Collegiate Sales Competition is a 3-round case-based role play competition.

Round One: dozens of students from across campus participate in individual role-play scenarios with actual corporate recruiters playing the role of the buyer.  Sponsors score performances until ultimately the top twenty are chosen and announced at a banquet and networking event on Friday night.

Round Two: On Saturday morning, the top twenty competitors face off once again!

Round Three: For the final round the top four competitors give one final performance.  The sponsor/judges determine who wins the competition.

In all rounds, students are provided with written feedback comments from the judges.  This information is vital to their continued development as a sales professional.

The Winners: The top four competitors win cash prizes!

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2019 Competition Platinum Sponsors: Altria & HighRadius

2018 Winner Videos

First Place: Nicholas Roberts (click to view)