According to Forbes, 93% of employers agree that relevant internship experience is the most important qualification for hiring someone.

Why pursue an international internship? A recent study by Global HR News found that 73% of respondents cited study abroad as important when evaluating the resume of a job candidate for a junior-level position. Another survey found that one out of every two companies would choose a candidate with international experience over another otherwise equally-qualified candidate.

International internships enable students to:

  • Gain deeper cultural immersion
  • Develop of cross-cultural communication skills
  • Experience working with professionals in an international environment
  • Participate in intensive practical language training
  • Apply lessons learned in the classroom outside the US
  • Gain valuable international work experience

Mays Business School students may receive credit for internships.

  • Undergraduate students must register for 1-4 hours of IBUS 484, under the direction of Dr. Gaspar, and complete the Application for International Internship Form prior to their internship.
  • Graduate students must register for 1-6 hours of BUAD 684, with prior approval of their department head.

Business students who would like to register for IBUS 484 or BUAD 684 must submit the IBUS 484 Internship Course form.
Students accepted are also eligible to apply for the CIBS International Internship Scholarship. Both forms are due April 15th for summer internships.

TAMU offices that provide international internship opportunities:

Special internship opportunities with third-party providers:

Non-TAMU sources for international internship opportunities:

  • AIB – Internship placements for undergrad and graduate students in Germany.
  • AIC – Business internship opportunities in Canada, Hong Kong, India and Singapore.
  • API – Credit-bearing business internships in France, Italy, Poland, Spain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Chile, Costa Rica, Bhutan and China.
  • Arcadia University – Internship programs in the UK.
  • CEA – Business internships in Czech Republic and UK.
  • CRCC Asia – Business internship opportunities in China (Beijing and Shanghai); may also elect to take Mandarin language courses; opportunities available year-round.
  • Cultural Embrace by API – Business internship opportunities in France, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Nepal.
  • EUSA – Business internship opportunities in England, Ireland, Spain and France.
  • GlobalExperiences – Business internship opportunities in Ireland and Spain.
  • GlobaLinks – Business internship opportunities in China, Hong Kong and Australia.
  • IES – Business internship opportunities in Belgium, Italy, UK, China and Australia.
  • Intrax – Business internship opportunities in Brazil, Chile, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Spain and the United Kingdom.
  • ISA – Business internship opportunities in Spain, UK, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Click here for their brochure.
  • SOL – Business internship opportunities in Spain.
  • SRAS – Business internship opportunities in Russia.
  • TEAN – Business internship opportunities in China, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.
  • USAC – Business internship opportunities in China.
  • US Department of State Student Internship Program
  • World Endeavors – Business internship opportunities in Italy, Spain, UK, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, China, India, Thailand and Australia.

**Please note that international internships are most often non-paid. However, the cultural immersion and first-hand international business experience is priceless.